Radiator Issue Resolved!

Here's a picture of what was supposed to be in the rad package...
I took the rad to a hardware store to try and work out what the threading was and if I'd need to tap the holes, turns out, the holes are just a standard M2 thread. And the two length bolts required are also standard, so I got everything I needed for like $10. 2

GPU Arrived

The GPU Arrived, the most exciting part of any build! Of course I ripped the box open right away. I've never been shipped something before packed like this though, it's stuffed with what looks to be Japanese grocery store flyers? And yes, I unboxed this on-top of my doggos bed. 3

Case Arrived

Today I was feeling a little under the weather, and thus was working from home. I get a ring at the door and open it to see this:
7 Well, now I have all the pieces I need to run my rig without the water-loop, so I'm now realizing I have to replace the water-block and back-plate on my motherboard with the original and install the stock fan that came with the CPU for now. Honestly, It's way better to test everything anyway and I can't wait to run this thing. 7 7 7 7

3rd Issue

Well, I decided a good first step was to install the distribution plate into the case - that's when I realized I had purchased the plate for the 011D rather than the 011D XL. It took me a while of staring at the (wrong) manual and trying to puzzle this thing into the case to realize... fuck. 12 Well, I just started the return process, had to pay almost $100 shipping to return it. At least the process of packing it back up and bringing it to the post office was simple. Now, to make things worse, the XL part is not in stock. They do have the side-mounted plate though which was not in stock when I originally ordered, and I think that one looks cooler anyway - it's just requires more difficult bends to setup. So, I ordered that! This of course draws out the timeline of me adding the water loop more, but oh well.

Initial Build

With all that said, I slapped all the components I did have into the case so I could enjoy what I've got so far! Not going to describe what I'm doing, building a PC isn't really that hard - but it's damn fun. 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 And finally, here's a jank picture of the final result. Honestly, after I finished it I forgot to take pictures and just immediately booted it up and started installing an OS and whatnot. So, this picture is with the rig already nestled on-top of a little wooden block under my standing desk. Once I install the water-loop I'll get some better shots of it! 12