Perfect OpSEC - Become Invisible Online

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Anonymous Accounts

You are finally ready to start creating accounts - a huge amount of learning has brought you here. Remember, from here on out while creating or using any of these accounts always do so from your configured work environment, and never from your home network. Got it?


Your going to need email to register places and communicate with people. Always use tor to create these accounts, and prefer email services that put high value on PGP and are usable over Tor. These work fine:

  • Protonmail
  • Torbox There are a ton of others, just look around. I'd recommend Protonmail due to it's adoption by clearnet users.

Temporary Email

If you just need a quick email to do something, and won't ever need to access that account after a verification or a single message, try these services:

Burner Phone

I don't know why you'd ever expose yourself to this, but let's say you absolutely need a gmail account or something like that. Well, you're going to need a phone to use any of those services. So, you'll need to pickup a prepaid phone. Here's some notes:

  • Buy this as far away from you as possible
  • Don't use it for at least 30 days after buying it


Use KeePass on an external drive