Perfect OpSEC - Become Invisible Online

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Anonymous Payments

You're going to need to spend money at some point, as mentioned countless times already in this series it's important that you do so anonymously. There's obvious methods like Cash and Prepaid credit cards - these work great and you could get by with nothing else honestly. So if you just want to skip all this, go ahead and do that! Otherwise, let' take a look at Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR) and Zerocoin (Zcash). Remember, these ledgers are completely public. If you buy some crypto with a credit card you own, transfer it to your offline wallet and then go buy something sketchy with it - you've completely fucked yourself. local bitcoins and all those guys have either stopped doing in person cash transactions, or are actively monitored by LE - so don't touch that anymore. If you're going to buy off an exchange, you'll need to attach photo ID and all that stuff - honestly this is fine unless you're doing something insane, if you are please read the note "This is for educational purposes only". But anyway, you can buy from an exchange attached to your identity - just wash it before dumping into your offline wallet. Let's say you have some BTC you bought from an exchange you want to 'wash'. You can simply:

  • Convert BTC to XMR
  • Send XMR to another XMR address
  • Convert back to BTC
  • Send to offline wallet You should go through these steps anytime you want to input/output money. There's nothing illegal about sending money to someone, or receiving money from someone. You're obviously going to draw some attention if you're moving around 10k a week or something. You could use local monero, but honestly it sounds like a great way to get robbed to me. I'm doing all this for security research so running the risk of getting stabbed is way outside something I'll ever do.

Setup Monero Wallet

Use the online wallet -

Monero to BTC

Use something like:

Bitcoin Wallet


  • Electron Wallet in Whonix or Tails Tons of guides for setting this up, I won't get into it.


If you want to avoid using BTC at all, you could follow this to use your Monero wallet from Tails/Whonix.