Perfect OpSEC - Become Invisible Online

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Linux OS Hardening - Basics

This list will cover the basic checklist to preform when you're securing your OS. If you didn't choose a Linux OS, then I can't help you I'm sorry. I'm sure Windows/Mac can be configured to be privacy-focused but I'm not interesting in learning how, and therefore won't be teaching you.

  • All sensitive data kept on external encrypted USB
  • Setup a non-root account with a strong password
  • Ensure disk is encrypted (FDE)
  • Enable screensaver with idle timer
  • Secure ssh settings (No root remote access, change port, no password auth at least)
  • netstat -lt -> disable anything you don't need
  • Firewall is at least enabled. In another guide we'll get hardcore here. (Default is block all incoming and forwarding, allow all outbound.)
  • Check for rootkits -> chrootkit
  • Keep the machine up to date, always
  • Disable Bluetooth
  • Remove packages that phone home
  • Disable bash history
  • Install AV
  • Bios Password and disable boot from USB
  • Disable mic/webcam

Disable Bash history

rm ~/.bash_history
ln -s /dev/null ~/.bash_history
export HISTFILE=/dev/null
export SAVEFILE=/dev/null
rm ~/.zsh_history - Kali
ln -s /dev/null ~/.zsh_history - Kali

Remove packages that phone home

sudo apt purge apport popularity-contest -y
sudo apt autoremove
systemctl stop apport.service
systemctl disable apport.service
systemctl mask apport.service
systemctl stop whoopsie.service
systemctl disable whoopsie.service
systemctl mask whoopsie.service


  • Launch "Settings" from the Application Menu
  • Click on "Privacy"
    • Change Connectivity Checking -> OFF
    • Change "Location Services" to OFF
    • Click on "Usage & History" then turn OFF "Recently Used" and put "Retain History" on "1 day"
    • Click on "Problem Reporting" and select OFF // Never

Patch some dir permissions

chmod o-w /var/crash
chmod o-w /var/metrics
chmod o-w /var/tmp

Randomize MAC for any Wifi connection

vim /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/00-macrandomize.conf:


Restart NetworkManager

systemctl restart NetworkManager



apt install -y apparmor-profiles apparmor-utils

Add some basic profiles

aa-enforce /etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.firefox
aa-enforce /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.avahi-daemon
aa-enforce /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.dnsmasq
aa-enforce /etc/apparmor.d/
aa-enforce /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.rsyslogd


echo "# Monitor changes and executions within /tmp
-w /tmp/ -p wa -k tmp_write
-w /tmp/ -p x -k tmp_exec" > /etc/audit/rules.d/tmp-monitor.rules
echo "# Monitor administrator access to /home directories
-a always,exit -F dir=/home/ -F uid=0 -C auid!=obj_uid -k admin_home_user" > /etc/audit/rules.d/admin-home-watch.rules
systemctl restart auditd.service


# Install
apt install chkrootkit
# Check if interfaces are in promiscuous mode (they shouldn't be!)