Game Development Log

Now that I’ve sold my first company, I’ve been searching for what’s next for me. Lately I’ve been churning through lots of different ideas in my spare time, I’m still passionate about security but I never want that to be a source of income for me, that will remain a passion hobby.

An update on the saas app product, I got far enough to have basics working with expo, and decided I wasn’t really in love with it. Next I’m going to try out Flutter, and if I fall in love with that I’ll be sure to write a blog post about it!

I’m going to take a quick step into game development, and see if I enjoy it for a while. This may just become another passion project, but I enjoy the initial journey into a topic, and am excited to see where I end up.

Learning Phase

I have some ideas that I’d like to create, but first, I need to learn some basics. I’ve worked with Unity engine lightly in the past, so that’s going to be the first place I dive in. I downloaded it, installed it, and went to create a project. Since the last time I created something fresh there, they’ve got some more options:


The portions of unity I’ve used have been purely scripting. I basically created some encryption and authentication code. So, I need to learn the actual visual/ui portions of the engine. The micro FPS seems like it could be fun, so I loaded it up! I figured it would be terrible, but check it out, it’s actually quite nice:


To start I just explored around the code of this game, and picked up a few things from the lovely comments sprinkled around there.

I decided I saw enough to go try creating a grid generation script, it took me about a half hour because I’m quite new to the whole editor aspect of this, but here’s my result:

That’s all the time I’ve got for today! Next time I dive into this I’ll try and get some basic camera movement going!

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